Thistledown Farm: Farmer John’s Boots and other stories

The first in the Farmer John series: seventeen humorous farm stories for five to eight year olds up: written by David Charles Evans, delightfully illustrated by Jake Tebbit.

Farmer John Stubblefield is always doing something wacky or wrong…

Paperback: 160 pages

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He loses his boots and calls in the police to look for them. He gets into trouble when Myrtle his muck-spreader misbehaves and covers everybody with dung. He wears his wellingtons to Buckingham Palace to collect a knighthood but worst of all makes the Queen muck out his pigs when she comes to visit!

Farmer John could not survive without Wendy his wife. Wendy suffers Farmer John's mad ideas and odd behaviour with good humour, but sometimes she loses her temper with him. But it never lasts for long. Wendy realizes that she can't change Farmer John and she doesn't really want to. She knows that life on Thistledown Farm would be very dull if she did!

The stories: Farmer John’s Boots, Farmer John’s Valentine, Farmer John’s Mucky Day, Farmer John’s Golden Jubilee, Farmer John’s Royal Visit, Farmer John’s March, Farmer John’s Circus, Farmer John’s London Visit, Farmer John’s Paying Guests, Farmer John’s Beauty contest, Farmer John’s Wedding, Farmer John’s Comeuppance, Farmer John’s Robot, Farmer John’s Pigs’ Breakfast, Farmer John’s Book, Farmer John’s Ghost, Farmer John’s Secret.







"Quirky Farmyard Humour - Charming farmyard tales for younger readers. 

Meet Farmer John and his wife Wendy on Thistledown Farm. A fun and vibrant place to live especially with all those talking animals. This book is a collection of short stories which are ideal to read at bedtime. Often humorous and quirky tales make it fun for children and adults alike".





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